What is the Full-duplex Communication
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What is the Full-duplex Communication

In this article you will know the information about the duplex communication.There are many types of duplex communication that works in different directions.Information is digital data transmission in computer networks, communication between the computer data communications, in accordance with the direction of transmission of the data line, the communication can be divided into: simplex, half-duplex communication and full-duplex communication .

Q: What is full-duplex communication? The full-duplex communication mean?

Information is digital data transmission in computer networks, communication between the computer data communications, in accordance with the direction of transmission of the data line, the communication can be divided into: simplex, half-duplex communication and full-duplex communication .

Simplex communication only supports data transmission in one direction, also known as a one-way communication. Communication such as radio and television broadcasting are simplex.

Half-duplex communication allows data transmission in both directions, but at the same time, only allows data transmission in one direction, it is actually a switch the direction of the simplex communication. In this way are generally used for non-trunk routes in the computer network.

Full-duplex, namely the Full the duplex Communication, at any time in the communication line A to B and B to A bi-directional signal transmission. Full-duplex communication allows data to be transmitted in both directions, also known as two-way simultaneous communication, ie, communications can send and receive data. Full-duplex mode, each end of the communication system set up the transmitter and receiver, can control data simultaneously transmitted in both directions. Full duplex without the need for the switching of the direction, therefore, no time delay switch operation, which is very beneficial to those who can not have the time delay for interactive applications (such as remote monitoring and control system). This approach requires communication both transmitter and receiver device at the same time, two data lines to transmit data signals. (May also need to control lines and status lines, and ground).

In theory, full-duplex transmission can improve network efficiency , but in fact still be useful in conjunction with other related equipment. Such as twisted pair network cable must be selected full-duplex transmission between connected hub (HUB), but also full-duplex transmission; Finally, the networkoperating system also has to support full-duplex work industry, so that it can really play the power of the full-duplex transmission.

For example, the host computer connected to the serial interface display terminal , display terminal with keyboard . In this way, on the one hand, keyboard input characters to the host memory; the other hand, the host memory information can be sent to the screen display. Typically, to a character on the keyboard into the first show after the host computer receives the characters immediately back to the terminal, then the terminal and then this character is displayed. In this way, the echo of the previous character, and after a character input process is carried out at the same time, the work in full duplex mode.

Duplex communication, and make phone calls, said that while listening, and said, listen. This transmitter and receiver in two different frequencies (two frequencies poor have certain requirements) at the same time the work of the duplex machine also known as the different frequency duplexer. Duplexer handset duplex, duplex car, duplex base / repeater. Duplex handheld most of the span in the VHF bandand UHF band. General duplex handset duplex handset called the span. Work or VHF launch, UHF Receiver, UHF transmitter, the VHF receiver. Duplex board machine and the base / repeater does not exist this problem, you can cross-segment duplex operation (VHF or UHF band) can also be made ??with the frequency of the duplex machine.

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