Tweet, Tweet: An Article About Twitter
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Tweet, Tweet: An Article About Twitter

An article about Twitter.

Twitter is the kind of website, that I hate to say this out loud, but it is kind of amazing yet addictive. Where other websites want you to write a long blog, or have deep centered educated thoughts, Twitter, could care less if you just told millions of randomly connected people that you like eating the pizza crust over cheese. One word or name can cause a Twitter firestorm, and your often mindless messages can be tweeted over again to thousands perhaps millions of potential strangers. When you are starting a new job, be sure not to let your bosses have access to your account. You never know what you might write when you have had too many beers, or not enough sleep. It can be almost as embarrassing as getting an ugly tattoo. A somewhat permanent reminder of what you did at the club last night. Good thing computers have delete buttons.

The celebrity aspect makes Twitter especially appealing. You can have access to your favorite celebrities all in a matter of seconds. It was good for me not to have this website available to me when I was a young child or a teen. I would have wanted to stay on the computer all day, just to see if Michael Jackson or Luke Perry tweeted me back in return.

Millions of thoughts and messages are being tweeted every second, you can leave the computer with 10 tweets listed, and then come back to several thousand to sort through. You do feel the need to pick through because you must know what kind of breakfast cereal Britney Spears might be having that day.

Twitter is an information gold mine. Often times people are tweeting world related updates even before the famous search engines decide to update their top stories. In that way, the website is very up to the minute and can be very useful and handy. Twitter is also the perfect place to go when you are stressed out, or just plain bored. The website can help you time and potential brain cells like nobody's business.

Twitter can also be the perfect place to promote your articles, music, or whatever you are selling to the outside world. One posted link can receive thousands of hits which can help the person who is a struggling freelance writer. So, go ahead and take the plunge dive into the Twitter deep sea, and do not forget to take a life jacket.

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Comments (4)

This is great information about twitter.

thank you so much, cynthia!

So True! I tweeted this article~xo Susan

Thank you, Susan!