The Amazon Kindle is a Great Gift for the Avid Reader or Student
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The Amazon Kindle is a Great Gift for the Avid Reader or Student

The Amazon Kindle is easy to use. The Amazon Kindle makes a great gist idea.

The Amazon Kindle is an amazing little device that comes in handy for the avid reader. If you really love to read it makes obtaining, saving and reading books so easy. For many die hard readers they may not be sold on the Kindle due to the fact that they like the feel of having a book in their hands and they like the feeling of turning the pages. However; even the most die hard of readers can find so many features on the Kindle to love.

Amazon offers 1,000s of books that are absolutely free and 1,000s that can be bought for as little as 99 cents. The downloads are fast, within a matter of seconds and any novice can learn how to use a Kindle within a short period of time. After books are downloaded it is so easy to organize your books into collections of any manner you choose such as classics, favorites, cook books, non-fiction, fiction and so on. You set up your own categories and saving the books into these collections is simple once you learn how to do it.

When you open a book in your Kindle it automatically saves the last page you read so going back to where you were is as easy as opening the book again. It is amazing that you can read more than one book at a time and instead of having ten books strung out all over they are all right there at your fingers tips ready to be read from your last stopping point. Kindle also has a bookmark and highlight function so that if you want to return to or remember a certain point you simply bookmark it or highlight it and then within the book open up the menu and hit the go to function and it pulls up bookmarks highlights and notes you have made.

Among other things you can download all sorts of fun games like crossword puzzles, Scrabble and video poker. Many times you can find free games, games priced at 99 cents and inexpensive games that are great for those moments sitting waiting in a doctors office, riding a bus, taking a break or pretty much anytime you have a few spare moments to kill. Other great uses for the Kindle are that you can download a Bible to use in church, it comes with a dictionary but for anyone who wants to learn a new language there are 1,000s of language books available in Spanish/English, Italian/English, French/English, pretty much anything you could want.

The Kindle is ideal for the student for research purposes and many of the classics are totally free. They can find study guides to difficult books and it makes it so they don’t have to lug books around. If they need a certain book for a class they should be able to find it cheaper on Kindle than in book form. All-in-all the Kindle is a great gift for student and avid readers and will let you save bookshelf space for other things besides dusty books.


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