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Wifi & Wireless Forum & FAQ

Whenever I switch to Mirror mode the image disapear from the TV even tough the lights are still green... Anybody who can help or provide a support number I could use? more
Asked by Mouad Chemaou in EZAir0 answers
Last answer by Sam Wheeler 63 months ago +0 votes:
If the HDMI cables are connected properly and if cables have been proven to be okay, then it would appear that the issue comes with your television set. It is likely that your set has several source inputs and you may just need to make the necessary adjustments. Try looking for the "source" or "input" button on your remote (it could vary depending on the brand) and choose the correct HDMI setting.... more
Asked by paul Barker in EZAir1 answers
Last answer by Lisa6cordas 63 months ago +1 votes:
If you want super fast speed, like downloading a movie in one minute or less, you will need to upgrade your current broadbroad to a better connection speed.  There will be an additional charge to your service.  You can also browse other internet service providers and compare the speeds and prices they offer.  Just remember that the faster the speed, the more you will have to pay.&nb... more
Last answer by Stefan Pleava 67 months ago +2 votes:
Yes Logitech has their new nano transiver that works with any of their newer keyboards and mice. So you would only need to occupy one usb port for both a mouse and keyboard. more