How to Increase the Speed of Globe Tattoo USB Stick
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How to Increase the Speed of Globe Tattoo USB Stick

Do you experience difficulty in accessing the internet using your Globe Tattoo stick? Don't despair. There are ways on how to increase internet speed even with that compact USB stick that is commonplace nowadays. Here are tweaks on the settings of your Globe Tattoo stick and on your browser that will help improve on your internet connection. Read on...

Many users of the Globe Tattoo USB stick of Globe telecom are complaining about the slow internet speed connection they get when they use this popular mobile internet connection device in the Philippines. The author found a way on how to speed the internet speed up by just making a few selections in the setting and technique in using his Globe Tattoo USB stick.

He used to have only one or two bars of internet connection but after applying the following simple procedure, he got four or full bar connection using the mobile broadband connection. This procedure is for the HUAWEI mass storage USB device.

  • Change Settings

The following is a step-by-step instruction on how to make changes in the settings of your Globe Tattoo stick. 

Step 1. Click on the Globe broadband shortcut to open the menu.

Step 2. Click on Tools in the menu then select Options. 

Step 3. In the General folder, choose RAS Modem connection by clicking on the button. Sometimes this is not possible so what you got to do is to remove your Globe Tattoo USB stick and reinsert it again. This should allow you to click on the button to activate RAS Modem.

Step 4. After you are through with the General folder, click on the Network folder. At the right side under the Network Type tab, choose 3G preferred in the drop down menu and leave the band to All Bands. Sometimes, you cannot see the drop down selections so what you need to do to activate it is to once again remove your Globe Tattoo USB stick and reinsert it. The Network Type selections should appear. Make your selection once the options appear.

Step 5. Click OK then connect to the internet.

You should instantly get increased internet speed using your Globe Tattoo USB stick. 

Aside from making these settings, the author bumped into other ways on how to increase the speed of mobile broadband internet devices like Globe tattoo. Here are added ways to increase the speed of your internet connection using the Globe Tattoo USB stick or similar mobile devices.

  • Use Reflective Materials

The mobile USB stick will access the internet faster by using reflective materials near or surrounding the USB stick. Reflective materials are something metallic that will reflect back the signals to the USB mobile stick. The idea here is to concentrate the internet signal towards the mobile USB stick.

Some users recommend aluminum shaped like a funnel while others recommend using an old pot or pan. Others suggest using an old compact disk. The more parabolic the shape (such as what the satellite dish does) the greater will be the possibility of increasing the internet signal. This principle of concentrating internet signal is illustrated in the picture below:

increase internet speed principle

  • Use an Extended USB Cable

The Globe Tattoo USB stick or similar mobile internet device can be made more exposed to internet signals by placing it out of the room where you do your internet surfing. Just buy a 5 meter USB extension cable, plug it in your desktop or laptop and insert the mobile USB stick at the other end in the open. 

  • Use a Signal Booster

You might want to invest a little to increase the internet speed of your mobile internet device. Internet signal boosters are available in places like the CD-R King. These are priced at about PhP 2,500.

  • Increase the Cache of your Browser

Increasing the cache of your browser like Mozilla Firefox can help improve on the speed of internet connection. You can do this by clicking on the Firefox tab (at the upper left corner of the browser), choose Options, then Options again, choose Advanced menu, then click on the Network tab, check box of Override automatic cache management then maximize to 1024 mb of space. It will look like the one displayed below:

Save Money Using Globe Tattoo's Unlimited Surfing Command

Having a fast internet connection using these tips will help you save on cost whenever you log-in using your Globe Tattoo USB stick as this mobile device charges the customer PhP5.00 every 15 minutes. So that will be PhP20.00 per hour in the comfort of your home.

You can save more by logging in using unlimited surfing for the day by sending a SUPERSURF50 command to 8888. And the best time to use the internet is during those wee hours of the morning from 4-6 am when most of the people are sleeping. It's time to change your work plan.

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Comments (12)

did you write this with me in mind? lol. Well, maybe my sentence in murder could be decrease if this Thanks in advance. Where can I buy the extended USB cable? any ideas, thanks patrick! You are super. I'll inform you if this works.

Step 3. In the General folder, choose RAS Modem connection by clicking on the button. -> hmm.. I seem to not have this option. In the general folder, I have these two options only- 1. launch on windows start up 2. minimize windows start up. I must be missing something here..=P

Hello macherie. I think your Globe Tattoo model is a little bit different from mine. I bought the stick last December 2010. You can proceed next to the Network folder and make some changes in your settings. You can vary this so you get the best connection possible. For the extended USB cable, this is just a cable that you use to plug in your USB devices, e.g., plugging it in the back of your desktop so you can easily plug in your flash drive. The point of the whole matter is that you expose your Globe Tattoo stick in open space. You can also speed up your internet connection by lowering your screen resolution a little bit.

Thank you for the reply on my question. I have been trying to buy the extended cable for USB for three months now, except that the ones in the market are only 2 inches long or does not support plug-in application.=( This plug-in will be the death of me. I got mine last Feb, and because of the holding period of postpaid plans, I could not dispose it as I am really itching to do.

I've no idea about this type of usb stick as i haven't used it before. Anyway, thanks for your brief explanation here.

I'm with CHAN LEE PENG on this one Patrick. I have had no experience with this USB device. I have broadband cable access in my home and home office. When I venture off my mountain, I'm always in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot. When I venture out into the wilderness, I use a dial up connection via my satellite phone.

I have Globe tattoo and yes, the problem :( I'm going to bookmark this one Patrick, thanks :)

Thanks for the info!

Pinky Quines

I just wanna know how to save more of loading because if i surf for around 3 hours one hour after the other i will be spending 200 already i dont know it was so fast to debit mmy loads . Its very expensive that i may budget of 200 a day just to check only my emails and others and only emails in my inbox i can not use it as in chatting since the signal is not stable all the time. pls answer me how and what i am gonna text just to have that 50.00/day unlimited. i was not given instruction when i bought this globe tatto stick for 1,300.00 thanks and wait for your answer in my email pls.

Hello Pinky. The command is simple to surf all day using your Globe Tattoo stick with just PhP50. Just text SUPERSURF50 to 8888 and you're done. You have 24 hours to use your PhP50. Hope it helps.

Hi, the same case with @macherie. My Globe Tattoo USB Stick doesn't have the RAS Modem selection in the General Tab. I bought it 2 days ago. It is possible that word "version" is the missing key? Also, do you have any tips for Google Chrome user like me. Thanks in advance.

Nice tips ! I followed the steps what you had given to increase my internet speed .  After increasing internet speed , i  check my  connection speed by using

Amazing ! it works .