How to Improve Your Wireless Network and Boost Wifi Signals
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How to Improve Your Wireless Network and Boost Wifi Signals

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Do you face problems like weak WiFi signal? Does it take too long for you to connect to your internet? Do you think that your WiFi signal isn’t strong as it should be? Do you lose the internet connection entirely in some areas of your house? If you said yes to these questions then you have reached the right spot.

Here is an answer to your wireless network problems.Read on to learn about the tops tips on how to improve your wireless network and boost your WiFi signal.

Location of the Wireless router

The location of the wireless router plays a significant role in its performance. To get the best WiFi signals avoid keeping your wireless router nearby electrical appliances. Cordless phones, telephones, microwaves and televisions should not be anywhere close to the wireless router as they lower the range of your router because of the wavelengths they run on.

Do not keep the wireless router on the floor too. Move the router off the floor and the performance will be better than before. Keep your router away from all metal objects and walls, and floors, because all of these interfere with your router's wireless signals. The nearer your router is to these obstructions, the interference will be more severe, which will lead to a weaker connection.

Keep the wireless router in a central location, so that all the computers and laptops in your house can work efficiently. If you have only one computer or laptop using the WiFi signal, then simply move your wireless router closer to your computer desk or laptop spot.

Reposition your wireless router, get it nearer to your computer and I can assure you that you'll be surprised with the results. The WiFi signal will turn really powerful and efficient. The speed and performance will be much- much better than before.

Wireless Repeater

In addition to repositioning your wireless router you can also opt to use a wireless repeater to improve your wireless network. Wireless repeater is an excellent piece of hardware which can boost the WiFi signals massively. Simply place the wireless repeater halfway between your wireless router, modem router, or access point and your computer, and you will experience an instant boost in your wireless signal strength.

Wireless repeater has no phone cables or Ethernet cables, it simply needs to be plugged in to a wall socket. It effectively and efficiently picks up the WiFi point and doubles up its range. The results are amazing; your wireless network performance will improve incredibly.

Internal Settings

Do not forget to check out the internal settings of your computer or laptop. The performance of wireless router or adapter in most cases can be fixed by increasing the signal strength option to maximum. 

Practice these positioning tips to maximize your wireless signal strength and minimize the interference to your WiFi signals simply by applying a little wireless feng shui. By now you know the tricks to sort out your wireless network problem so go and boost your WiFi signals right now, all the best !

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Comments (3)

Very helpful information for the non-techie.

This was kind of simple. I knew all of these tips, but I guess a total un-technologically inclined person would be able to get help from this. Not a bad article.

Truly helpful. I am not aware of the wireless repeater hardware. I will search for it as there's a weak spot in our WiFi signal in the office.