How to Connect Nintendo Wii to Wireless Internet
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How to Connect Nintendo Wii to Wireless Internet

A few easy steps are all it takes to connect your Nintendo Wii to your wireless router.

Popular in the gaming market today is the Nintendo Wii. Its popularity can probably be attributed to its unusual interactive gaming format. A truly interactive video game, the Nintendo Wii offers gamers a wide array of fun games to play such as table tennis, golf, frisbee and boxing. To add to its versatility, the Wii can be easily connected to your wireless router to allow for internet access. This convenient feature encourages interaction with other players who are also connected to the internet. In addition, connection to the internet allows for access to shopping channels, weather channels and new channels.

How to Connect Wii to a Wireless Internet Router

The process for connecting Wii to wireless internet is simple and fast.

• Making sure your wireless router is working is the first thing you want to do. Log into your home computer and pull up any web page. If you can do this, then your wireless router is working.

• Next, turn your Wii on by pushing the power button either on the Wii remote or on the console.

 • On the display screen, there will be a “Wii” option at the bottom left of your television. Using the “A” button on your Wii remote, choose this option positioning the pointer over it.

• On the next menu, select “Wii Settings”. You will press “A” every time you make a selection.

 • Scroll right by pressing the arrow key until you see an “Internet” option. Select that option.

• There will be a list of “Connection Settings”. Choose the first option.

• The next option you will choose is “Wireless Connection”. Then select “Search for an Access Point”.

• The next thing you will see is a list of available wireless networks. Choose your preferred network.

• If you have a password for your wireless connection, input that information now. Press the “Save” button, then “Ok”, after entering your security information. After entering your password, press “Save”, then “Ok”.

• Your internet connection will be automatically tested and a message will let you know that you are now connected to the internet.

The Wii’s internet capabilities open up many more gaming possibilities to players. Now you can play others who are also connected to the internet. Additionally, you have access to news channels, shopping channels and weather channels.

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