How to Boost Cell Phone Wifi Signal
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How to Boost Cell Phone Wifi Signal

Simple steps to building your connection duration and strength.

When having a wireless network or using the network of your friend or your neighbor, you would like to have a strong, uninterrupted connection. When setting up your own connection, you router should be far away from the television, the radio, and other electronics that carry signals in the air. These signals can disrupt the flow of the signals from the network which will not make its way to the trackers on the cell phone. Place your router in areas that are not exposed to vehicles, wireless communicating devices. and electronics that use open signals. These electronics are affected by the receiver of the devices thus scrambling both connections. The next step is to always be close to your router to receive best results. When you are close, you are assuring yourself that there are no walls or anything blocking the signals thus producing a smooth connection.

To boost the signal from a neighbors' house or anywhere else, you also have to be close to the connection and away from appliances that use open signals also. You can turn off Bluetooth and other connective software for your phone to improve the signal strength. You can create a direct connection with your neighbor also to boost the signal strength and also stay close to the router for a longer duration period of signal strength.

Also your phone must have a strong signal to get a stronger wireless signal. 

If you are using the internet from a wireless hotspot, then it may be a signal that can be interrupted quickly especially when there are other persons using the signal. If you want a better signal from these open wireless networks you can go close to the access point, as close and you can reach and then search for networks. When you find the open network connect with it. When connected you can see the settings of the network and its status. Make a note of the status and then try adding the network manually using the status you copied.

In some cases the bandwidth of the wireless network connection may be too weak or it may be of a low speed because of the amount of connected devices using the network. This may cause you to get a low speed to lose connection easily. 

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If your having trouble in your own home surfing the internet on your phone and you have a wireless router try placing it as high and center location if you still have trouble then you might want to cover you house better by using a repeater

this can be done by converting a linksy router with www .dd-wrt here s the link ......

HT thank you very much for your time and valid information. i appreciate it.