Devices to Accelerate Your Wi Fi Signal
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Devices to Accelerate Your Wi Fi Signal

devices to accelerate wi fi signal, increase your wifi signal strength and access internet at high speed using amplifier devices such as repeaters or antenna

The quality of your wifi connection and signal strength depends on a few conditions:

1. Physical barriers that prevent the signal from reaching another room

2. Interference of other wireless signals in range 

Sometimes, the wifi network card installed on your computer can also be configured to increase the signal strength, In case of a laptop you can change the default power saving mode for increasing the signal reception. But now some modern Wifi cards from manufacturers such as Intel are already configured to manage energy and signal reception very efficiently.

Here are two external devices which can be used to accelerate the WiFi Signal

1. Antenna

The easiest solution to increase the signal strength is to buy an antenna suitable for the model of router used. An antenna can extend the reach of the wireless signal and make it more powerful to areas where the signal was not reaching or was low.

An antena not only increase the reach of the signal in a particular area, but it also stabilize the strength of the signal in order to access high speed Internet without any interruption.

Before you buy an antenna to increase wireless signal strength, you should take a look at the router manufacturer's catalog and find a suitable antenna that can technically support your router.

However, there are many generic antennas available in the markets which are compatible with the majority of routers. Also there are some specific antennas designed for exterior use, interior use, business environments and for some special purpose.

Directional antenna ANT24-0801 D-Link is one generic antenna which can be used to amplify a wireless signal, it can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be placed on walls or on the roof. I recommend placing it at the upper regions of walls to redirect the signal at a greater strength.

A more affordable option is a simple multi-antenna ANT24-0700,

2. Repeaters

Another option is to have a repeater. This device can be connected wirelessly or via cable. A repeater amplifies and repeats the signal from the position where the connection signal is low. Repeaters are recommended for homes having area outside the reach of the router.

The repeaters are capable of doubling the range of a wireless signal in homes and businesses which help solve the problems of coverage. It is also possible to use several repeaters at once to cover the area at a greater extent.

Its operation is simple, each device needs to connect to the electrical power and be in an area where it can catch the wifi signal and then return the signal with more power. You can also connect it through an Ethernet cable. Repeater devices are compatible with the wireless signal protocols 802.11 b / g / n.

Cisco-Linksys's WRE54G Wireless repeater is compatible with most routers and wireless access points that work with protocol signals 802.11 b / g. Its operation is also very simple, it is not necessary to connect it by cable to the router, just put it within a point range of the wireless signal. But there is a bad news for MAC OS X users that its driver installation CD is only available for the Windows operating system.

For users of Mac OS X, the solution is to purchase an AirPort Express. This device is developed by Apple and its configurations are compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows. The AirPort Express connects via an Ethernet cable and creates a wireless signal for a maximum of ten devices.

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Comments (3)

Great advice, thanks.

Excellent factors to consider in wi-fi signal, Rajesh.

I didn't realize that WI FI signal could involve so many factors. Good Read. Cheers.