DataJack 3G / Mifi Review: Price & Coverage Vs. Sprint 3G/4G Mifi & Verizon 3G Mifi & AT&T 3G
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DataJack 3G / Mifi Review: Price & Coverage Vs. Sprint 3G/4G Mifi & Verizon 3G Mifi & AT&T 3G

Datajack vs. Sprint 3G/4G & Verizon 3G & AT&T 3G: Detailed side-by-side comparison. 

What is DataJack 3G / Mifi? DataJack 3G & Mifi is a new mobile hotspot device and service from Quamtel. DataJack is similar to the Verizon Mifi and Sprint Mifi mobile hotspot offerings, except that it is offered at a lower, pay-as-you go service. In other words, its cheaper and you don't need to sign a long-term contract. You simply pay $60 for the device, then $49 per month for each month you use it, and you cancel anytime you'd like to, with no penalty.

Monthly service pricing / cost comparison

Verizon's 3G-only USB and Expresscards costs $50 per month for 5GB of allowable downoaded data. Verizon's 3G activation fee is $36, and their early termination fee is $175.

Sprint's 3G mobile subscription costs $59 per month for 5GB of bandwidth. For their 3G/4G devices, there are two options: 5GB for $59.99/mo or 10GB for $89.99/mo (4G usage is unlimited with either of those plans - the limit/allowance only applies to usage on Sprint's 3G network). Activation fee for Sprint Mifi is $35. Cancelation fee is $200.

AT&T's MiFi service costs $59.99/mo for 5GB of monthly bandwidth. AT&T's data activation fee is $36, and their early cancellation fee is $150.

DataJack (who uses Sprint's 3G network) charges $49.99/mo for 5GB. DataJack has no activation or early termination fees.

Coverage comparison

In several major nationwide tests, Sprint has topped the list as the fastest 3G data provider (bandwidth and throughput, in other words, overall speed) in major metro areas in the US. Verizon is a close second. AT&T comes in a distant third, and only performs acceptably well in major cities. In smaller towns and rural areas, AT&T has little to no coverage. Datajack utilizes Sprint's network, so you get the benefits of the fast and ubiquitous Sprint 3G/4G network, without the added costs and commitment.

Who else offers month-to-month 3G / Mifi service?

While Datajack is the only provider to offer true month-to-month service, Verizon does offer a month-to-month option for 3G mobile data. However, the monthly service fee goes up substantially, making it less competitive with Datajack, and you also have to pay full price for your mobile device, which is usually upwards of $300 for a Mifi or 3G card setup.

The bottom line

DataJack offers the great coverage and download speeds offered by Sprint's 3G/4G network, for a much lower starting cost, and no contracts or termination fees - Datajack also does not require a credit check. The company offers a USB air card providing 3.1 Mbps download speeds and 1.8 Mbps upload speeds, as well as a Mifi mobile hotspot card, enabling you to run your own wifi hotspot for up to 10 devices in your home or office.

Check  to see if DataJack is still offering 20% off their USB and Mifi cards

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Comments (1)
Datajack review

Actually to be honest with you, I have not had anything less than high class service from DataJack. I have tried the other "big name providers" and all they want is to get you in a contract and screw you over. Datajack doesnt have unlimited prepaid broadband anymore but neither does anyone else, and on top of that. They don't require any credt checks, how can you beat that?