All You Need to Know About Wifi
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All You Need to Know About Wifi

How do you set up a wifi ? How can you secure it ? What does it even mean ? Is it important to protect the access with a password ? What is it for ? Basically, how does it works ? Are public hostpost secure ? Can people steal information from my computer when they are on the same wifi connection ? All these questions about Wifi will be answered in the following lines. If you wish to learn about security regarding wifi, you may want to read my other articles.

What is the Wifi ?

The term Wi-Fi is short for "Wireless Fidelity". This communication system uses radio waves to create a wireless network to the Internet. Creating Wi-Fi in your home or office is particularly interesting because it allows you to access your connection from anywhere, you can move from room to room or office to boardroom . Nevertheless, it is necessary to establish a security system for your wireless access so that your exchanges do not get stolen and to prevent people to connect to your internet access.

What is the necessary equipment for Wifi ?

To create a Wi-Fi, you must first have an Internet connection. Wifi is a tool that works like a radio that you connect to the Internet via a cable or DSL modem, it is often provided by your ISP. The access point uses a particular type of radio signal to communicate with the PC or laptop equipped with a wireless adapter compatible. The equipment is referenced in conjunction with its support, starting with the newest and fastest: 802.11n to 802.11a. The device is backward compatible, indicating that new units can operate with the old, but still more slowly.

Is the Wifi access secure ?

It is not automatically secure, but there are security systems that are fairly easy to set up by yourself. If you do not secure your wifi, a person in the vicinity can use your wireless access and attack your PC or any other device connected to your network, monitor your communications, or even acces to your files without needing your password.

Are Wifi access points secure ?

Not always. When you run a search for Wi-Fi network to connect to the Wi-Fi interface of your PC, it shows all detected networks. Those that appear with a lock icon are secured, and in order to connect to these networks you will need a WPA or WEP code. If there is no padlock, the network is not secure, thus letting anyone connect.

What is a HostSpot ?

It is a place near a Wi-Fi hotspot, where it is possible to capture the wireless network with a PC with a WiFi antenna. These points can be private or public. If they are private, eg ownership of a business, you can not access it without complying with various protocols in place to ensure the security of information exchanged. If this is public, it can be free or paid. In general, WIFI terminals have modest coverage that does not exceed 100 meters. Large cities are increasingly served by free hotspots, Paris for example has nearly 400.

Do you wish to learn about Wifi security ? Check out my other articles by going on here: click me.

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i didn't know some of these facts, thanks for the post